What is a Bitpay address?

In your profile/settings/payments, you will need to add your Bitcoin address in the “Bitpay Address:” section.  This is where your Bitcoin withdrawals will be sent to.

What can I sell?

Be creative! You can offer any service you wish as long as it’s legal and complies with our terms. There are over 60 categories and subcategories  you can browse to get ideas.  If you cannot find a category that fits your skills, please contact us via the feedback button on the right of the page to recommend a category or subcategory be added.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to join RupeeGig.  There is no subscription required to list your services.  You keep the percentage of each transaction as indicated by your current level and transaction value.  Please visit the Levels page for more information.

How do I get paid?

Once the service is confirmed by the buyer, the transaction will enter a 7 day clearing period. If no issues are reported within this period, the balance minus fees will appear in your account and become available for withdrawal.  No need to chase clients for payments and wait 60 or 90 days for a check.

Please ensure that you profile BitPay address has your preferred Bitcoin address to accept withdrawals.

Why can I not sign in to my account from my mobile device?

Please check the device settings and make sure that your device is able to accept cookies.

How do I start selling?

First, you will need to create your public seller profile.  Your profile is how you present yourself to the community.  You are encouraged to present yourself in a professional manner.

Next, create you job.  Creating your job is an opportunity to show off your talent and provide buyers with all the information they need to help them decide to do business with you.

Are videos required for job postings?

While not required, adding a video to introduce your service is one of the best ways to attract buyers. It adds a personal touch to the service you are offering.

Do I pay my seller directly?

Buyers pay RupeeGig for orders in advance. You may not pay other users directly using any method other than ordering through the RupeeGig order page. In case you have been asked to use an alternative payment method, please report it immediately to [email protected]

How do I know who to buy from?

1. Check out the freelancer’s work samples.
2. Check out the feedback from buyers like you.
3. Choose the package that best fits your needs.
4. Contact the freelancer with any questions to make sure they are aligned with your expectations.

What do the seller levels mean?

A seller level is a status earned by sellers based on ratings, performance, quality, monthly sales and other factors.  For more information, see RupeeGig Levels.

What if I’m not happy with my delivery?

If you are not happy with your delivery, you can always ask the seller for revisions. You can also resolve any further issues by submitting a ticket from your account page.

Can I pay with my credit card?

No, RupeeGig only accepts Bitcoin via the BitPay payment gateway. For more information, please visit the How to use BitPay page.


Never give out your password. Now and again we may ask for a few things from you, but we will never ask you by email, messages, or comments to provide us with your password or sign-in credentials.  We will never ask you to email us your password.  We will never prompt you to log into a site outside of the RupeeGig.com domain, nor to download and install an application.  Please never download or run such applications or email attachments, as they are definitely not coming from us.