Rupee Update January 2019

January 2019 Rupee Update

by Matt Brandt


Happy New Year!!!

December turned out to be an interesting month for project solutions and progress…


A couple years running and there’s a lot more push required to bring our rank below 500. We are doing better than most and the greatest reason for that is the community.

BTC has been low, talk within the cryptosphere suggests it could go lower; maybe, maybe not. We still have time to get additional spotlight on our project, bring in new investors and deliver as much as possible prior to the take off. That’s what we intend to do and we are pushing multiple angles to see it through.

As of Dec 31, 2018:

Current Supply: 32,811,150

Max Supply: 84,000,000

Remaining Supply: 51,188,850

Supply Inflation: 0.39 Circulating: 20414497 (Approx. USD Value: $261000)

Core Dev. Fund: 6,956,653 (RVXjob4rKCE1y8ZcLaTnW6XsbJif74ELSb)

Development Funds %: 21

Hydra Dev. Fund: Transition to RUPEE (multi project diversification)

Masternodes: 5,440,000 (Approx. USD Value: $69,000)

Order Books: 420,000 (Approx. USD Value: $5,364)


The mobile wallet was finally listed on Google Play with an iOS version coming eventually. Trust that it is really frustrating to be asked if there is an iphone version. It is a necessity and that is understood. Mostly importantly, it’s understood because gossip factor is expansive marketing. We are losing without it, so we will do what we can to deliver on that.

There hasn’t been any additional mobile features/changes provided to the team other than what we already have… other than the email change (which has been noted). Please contribute ideas by downloading/using the current version and submitting suggestions through our telegram channel If you want to contribute a little extra, please download the mobile wallet if you can and leave a review.

ENCO platform hosts masternodes and shared masternodes. There seems to be little use for shared masternodes for some (not sure why, being they have steady rewards). We are looking into developing a Discord bot for shared MNs. There are very few community members on discord and very few using the shared masternodes so we might be waiting to finish that development.

Next Exchanged has launched and the wallets autostake. RUP team has been helping with platform testing. Although the platform has launched, please wait confirmation from RUP team that the entire Rupee market and wallets are fully functioning as intended. Until then, please feel free to create your account and get started with any KYC (identification) requirements should you need them.

Legacy Crypto has launched It operates as a freelance service provider. It currently can only be used with BTC, but we are working on it to support RUP and possibly other currencies based on assimilation factors. Please check it out and provide some feedback. Thanks for all the work and effort Legacy. You are hereby awarded the title of Legendary Rupster! Competition:

First 3 gigs to make a sale will receive 2,000 RUP

Core Team has been pushing development very hard. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. They continued the push for our listing on with RUP/CPEX, RUP/ETH, RUP/BTC pairings. This was effort was in large contribution of the community. Starting with m c, listing RUP for upvotes, the team and community members that continued to push for votes and all the other contact with CoinPulse Team through other media. Core Team followed through and as you can see, this lasted months before it finally came to pass. It did happen though. Much appreciation goes to AJ, Faraz and the others working behind the scenes to finally make it happen. There’s also an ongoing competition, make sure to enter by trading RUP on CoinPulse. The exchange has some interesting trade features as well. Advanced trading allows you to use STOP-LOSS orders & STOP:LIMIT and best of all a TRAILING STOP LOSS feature. Their exchange token has some nice features too. Don’t forget to give that a look as well. Trading Competition:

1st Place 130,000 RUP

2nd Place 70,000 RUP

3rd Place 50,000 RUP

4th Place 30,000 RUP

5th Place 15,000 RUP
Competition runs from January 5th to January 19th.

Hydra Team has also been extremely busy, contributing to the standard RUP project as needed, as well as progressing through other developments beyond the roadmap. These include Community Communications/Media Development (Doe, Tedson), Profit Melding, Assimilation Alliance,, Charity Project (Benny with major contributions), Research/Networking (thanks m c), other developments not yet released (RM), and various organizational efforts from everyone.

A major idea has been decentralized development as a necessity for rapid, multidimensional expansion. In some ways Hydra Team has had some challenges and limitations, but a solution has been reached that will make everyone very happy, while significantly increasing demand for RUP.

It’s very difficult to bring projects together under a single name and the best option was to create a new system outside of the current. We’ve been developing a flexible/merge coin. There will be a limited [optional] internal swap where RUP can be traded for RUPEE. There will also be an external swap, where other project coins can swap, such as RUPX, XIND, ENCO and others. RUPEE will remain off the market until 2020. During the period prior to that, we will spend time establishing a solid foundation and conducting swaps.

The Profit Melding economic will be applied to RUP, to include several assimilation coins. This will increase demand by pulling coins off the market. The swap will increase demand as well, especially because the swap will cost more RUP as the reserve supply becomes scarce. Demand will increase even more because of the crowd funding that will be initiated. Investors will have access to a cheaper coin if they use RUP as a gateway into RUPEE. Supply is pretty low and we are going to do our best to bring new money in while taking as much RUP off the market as possible.

This brings a WIN/WIN for everyone. The original project/concept remains the same. Hydra team provides additional support while reducing supply and increasing demand for RUP. Hydra team will continue to create liquid systems that supports RUP, possibly other coins (as needed for merge). The charity project can be ran without tapping into the core dev fund. The new coin allows for merging and provides a failsafe, ensuring the community a successful investment overall, while giving them flexibility and options.

The Assimilation Alliance has been opened to multiple coin projects. Although Rupaya remains a competitor, some headway has been made and an Advisory Panel has been created. Hopefully in the future there will be a single coin for all. XIND targets the same market, yet the developers have been helpful and a good relation has been established. Of course, ENCO, we are working with. Our code is a little troublesome to work with at times. There are delays with ENCO-RUP MNs and NEXT-RUP wallets.

We recently have been in discussion with a gamer project. As exciting as that is to team up with gamer tech and provide new use case for RUP, nothing is concrete currently, but… Play. Earn. Spend. Will be used in the future, to say the least.

We have teamed up with Graviex to provide a joint reward for a YouTube video. Competition:

Submission Requirements
1) Video must show HOW TO purchase RUP using Graviex exchange. Going from fiat (any) to BTC, to the RUP/BTC trade, to the withdrawal process (crypto or fiat). [PROCESS ONLY, PLEASE MAINTAIN PRIVACY FACTORS]
Video must include:
2) Brief description/mission or intro of Rupee project.
3) The benefit of running masternodes.

3a) Bonus 300 ENCO if covering ENCO purchase on CryptoBridge and brief intro to project and

Easynode platform
4) Gravio Project/Graviex’s GIO coin and the dividend system.
5) Graviex Security, Google authenticator, fast withdrawals.
6) Must include link to graviex (RUP/BTC pairing)
7) Must include link to Gravio Project website, twitter, telegram
8) Must include link to Rupee Project website, twitter, telegram

8a) Must include link to Easynode platform, twitter, telegram (for bonus 300 ENCO)
9) Deadline: Video must be published to YouTube before 1 FEB 2019

10) Reward includes 250000 GIO and 3000 RUP (300 ENCO bonus)

Short-term and long-term goals have remained the same from previous updates. We are trying to move forward with onboarding businesses and marketing. Marketing toward non-crypto users is a must. There is some video game marketing being worked on and a person can receive pay for playing, while marketing RUP. Contact the team if you’re interested participating in that.

As for onboarding businesses, we’ve recently released that be accepting crypto Rupee as a form of payment. We are at some very early stage development for bringing RUP adoption to the business world, but we are steadily progressing. Please have patience. We are a two-year-old project that launched without an ICO. Litecoin is seven years old. Keep that in mind for comparison.

Rupeebase will most likely be a hub to various websites participating in RUP use cases, as previously discussed. It should be easy to find anything, whether it be a vacation package, freelance work, toys, and everything else you can think of. If it deals with regular fiat currency, it has a use case for RUP.

With the creation of Rupee Evolution (RUPEE) merge coin, everyone is welcome to review its specs and free to question anything. It will remain completely transparent. A primary function will be the charity project. If Rupee Core team wants to donate from RUP dev fund they are welcome to. Anything worked on within Rupee Evolution, will also support RUP. Some will like it, some won’t… but in the end, it reduces RUP supply, brings real innovation to the table and the people wanting change will finally get it; EVERYONE makes out good. Cheers and Happy 2019!!!

35 Million Premine
15 Million Internal Swap for RUP (Swaps will be done in low supply counts first, 20k and below with 10% bonus for first million coins, swap ratio will decrease as swap supply decreases)
12 Million External Swap for other coins like RUPX, XIND, ENCO, etc.(Swap ratio TBD)

8 Million Dev Fund:
2,000,000 to charities (50% South Asia [other than India]; 40% India; 10% Other)
1,000,000 Community Rewards (We can reward community members for their efforts)
3,000,000 Fund Raising (The sky is the limit for how we can use this)
1,000,000 for Marketing/Listings (We’ll have a list that includes exchanges, youtubers, journalists, etc.)
1,000,000 to pay team (1000/month per person; MNs created monthly to sustain a reducing pay model)

Coin Name- Rupee Evolution
Coin Ticker- RUPEE
Total Supply- 84,000,000
Premine- 35,000,000
Masternode Collateral- 20,000
Block Payment Split- 80% MN/20% PoS (Higher MN to focus on masternode business applications)
Block Time- 60 sec
Block Reward- 10
Block Reward Structure- 10% reduction every year


The concept of Rupee Blockchain remains in steady progress and has only evolved into something much more dynamic that can meet everyone’s needs. There’s a lot of dedication and loyalty from community members. Community is very, very important. It’s what makes or breaks a project. I’ve been in contact with a few other projects and their communities, trying to help them get their votes up on ENCO for a listing. They have nowhere near the strength of our community. As a community, you all deserve the best.

Thank you to those who take the time to make suggestions (they are definitely noted), post links or other useful information to help the project expand and progress. The community plays such a major role in the success of a project, so a very sincere thank you for remaining positive and contributing in the ways you do. Because of you, a community governance model will be established for Rupee Evolution. It will be based off contributions to the project.

Please do your best to follow us on social media, through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube. Every like, share, retweet and comment is extremely validating when it comes to onboarding new investors and matters now more than ever. Our bull market can ride Bitcoin’s if we put in the effort.

If you have any special requests for specific information or updates, feel free to contact the team and we can provide detailed information in the following blog.


The information contained on this article is for general information purposes only and should not be taken as financial, advisory or legal advice. No advisor-client relationship attaches to any information contained on the article. If you have a specific concern, please contact a financial advisor, accountant or attorney to assist with your query. Reference to third-party resources and materials contained within here are provided for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as an endorsement of their contents, warranties, accuracy, and representations. Rupee is a decentralized open-source blockchain cryptocurrency and has no relation to fiat rupee currencies (backed and issued by the respective governments). Unless otherwise stated, the mention of “Rupee” anywhere in this document refers to the cryptocurrency Rupee (symbol: RUP).

“Those who truly want the moon, will build the rocket.”

January 9, 2019