RupeeGig is here!

Our story is simple, we love cryptocurrency and we really love the Rupee cryptocurrency community and opportunity.  We figured we would combine it all and created a platform that could help support both the community and the opportunity.

Have a business related talent, skill, or hobby?  Monetize it by becoming a freelancer.  Do you not have a job?  Do you want a job you enjoy?  Create your own.

Are you an entrepreneur wearing many business hats limiting the time you can spend on doing what you do best?  Let our freelancers help.

Given the cryptocurrency theme, the platform payment system will function as such.  Until the Rupee cryptocurrency matures enough to where it can be accepted via a payment gateway, RupeeGig will accept Bitcoin via Bitpay.  In support of further developing the Rupee cryptocurrency, portions of RupeeGig’s profits will go towards directly purchasing RUP via market orders.  With the RUP holdings, we will create Masternodes which will ultimately become Revenue streams of their own that will in turn help further develop RupeeGig.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first and foremost, welcome!  We are very excited for the opportunity to serve you as best we can, please feel free to provide feedback via the website feedback button on the right, because as the Rupee community knows, this platform is “by the people, for the people”.

Now go “Decentralize your skills!”.


RupeeGig Team

December 31, 2018